Grape: Revive yourself with this extraordinary taste of grape. The note of grape is super amazing. You can taste a fresh sensation on both inhale & exhale making your vaping a pleasant experience!

Lemon Lime: Quench your thirst with our freshly made lemon lime juice. It has a strong flavor that will boost your day. We recommend you to try this wonderful juice.

Mango: Ignite your taste bud to a new sensation with our mango flavor. Feel the excitement as the juice bursts inside your mouth giving you a taste that you can’t forget. Marvelous!

Orange: Feel refreshed with our zesty flavor of orange. You will be delightful once you vape this amazing juice. You will be hooked the first time the juice enters your mouth. Truly a masterpiece!

Strawberry: Enjoy the aromatic smell & the delicious taste of strawberry passionately brewed to perfection, making this a favorite all day vaping juice. You will be amazed with this refreshing mixture!

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2019-04-13 22:32:00

tbh the flavor reminds me of the smell of dish washing detergent, but the free cooling booster was awesome!

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